Cybersecurity Resiliency Masterclass

Leverage resident intelligence to combat cybersecurity threats!

Only when you apply your best thinking and resources to the cybersecurity challenge will you be able to sleep at night. Vulnerabilities are evolving all the time and this makes it critical to have eyes on all your existing and potential vulnerabilities. This means you need to engage and leverage staff abilities on a continual basis and this means “minute by minute.”.

Course Aim

This program will equip the participants to utilize the various KEPNERandFOURIE™ Investigation processes to bring about proactive and reactive excellence in managing Cybersecurity issues. Security breaches are a reality of everyday life. The only way you will be able to keep the threat actors out will be to ensure your staff have the adequate investigative skills to address this issue.

Vulnerabilities are evolving all the time and this makes it critical “to have eyes on” all your existing and potential vulnerabilities. In more than 80% of hacking cases the vulnerability areas affected were not even anticipated and was a complete surprise to the internal Risk Team. This situation makes it imperative to have an internal team assessing potential threats at all times and continually improving the stability of hardware/software applications and their interaction with business processes and staff manning those processes.

Key Takeaways

The ability to lead and manage an executive team, taskforce, project team or workgroup to work through a specific security problem to achieve a specific result.

The ability to use the appropriate cybersecurity problem solving tools to diagnose a cybersecurity situation and then to facilitate the solution nominating the correct information sources and process to be used. Providing the knowledge and skills on how to assist others in the organization in their cybersecurity problem solving and decision making efforts.

The ability to facilitate and manage group inputs, especially in difficult and sensitive situations. The use of interrogative questioning techniques to generate the correct information

What will be covered?

Cybersecurity Heat Map – To identify the 20% company practices/ processes with an 80% breach potential. How to assess and diagnose potential security and Threat vulnerabilities such as:

  • Human Error Analysis – To determine if there are any potential weak human performance elements present in exiting IT practices and processes.
  • Process Continuity Analysis – To identify all the potential “weak and blind spots” in an IT process that could be subject to a breach.
  • Solution Strategy – To determine the most effective solutions strategy to minimize actual breaches and discourage internal and external threat actors.
How to create and/or develop cybersecurity solutions using the most effective process, tools and templates as the input vehicles for desired outputs. How to develop the internal skills and processes to deal with security breaches quickly and effectively.

Delivery Strategy

A highly interactive and practical programme with plenty of case studies, breakout group discussion by applying KEPNERandFOURIE™ tools and a complete suite of Cybersecurity applications.

Who Should Attend

  • IT Directors/Managers
  • IT Security Leaders
  • Risk and Business Continuity Management Leaders

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About The Host

Our Trainer - Problem Solving Coach

Host Name

Dr. Mat-thysFourie

Global Principal Consultant

Dr. Mat-thys Fourie is currently chairman of Thinking Dimensions Global and Managing Director of Thinking Dimensions USA and Thinking Dimensions Singapore and still works selectively with some of his major clients.

He is also the co-author and co-designer of the KEPNERandFOURIE® methodologies. He has over 30 years of IT Risk Management, Problem-solving and Decision-making experience helping organizations across the world solve some of their most vexing and seemingly unsolvable problems.

Some of his global clients include Macquarie Group, SASOL, Unisys, SITA, Barclays, RBS, NCS, Singapore Stock Exchange, BMW, VW, Cadbury Schweppes, Westpac, National Australia Bank, Kimberly Clark, Hollister, Stihl Inc. and the U.S. Navy. (for more info, please refer to

  • “I know the stuff works, because once we get a problem solving team together we normally have the answer (technical cause) within 90 minutes. The KEPNERandFOURIE methodologies are now fundamental in our approach to all incident and problem investigations.”

    -Liam Edwards, Former Executive Director – MacQuarie Bank
  • “Prior to our use of KEPNERandFOURIE CauseWise and SolutionWise, it took us from 2 weeks to several months to ‘turn around’ a plan of action to improve our process and prevent re-occurrence. That time has been reduced to less than one week on complex issues. ”

    -Quality Manager at NAVSEA
  • “The TDG strategy and implementation process enabled us to make meaningful change by breaking down the company’s strategy in to meaningful pieces at the individual contributor level. It was no longer ‘the company’s strategy’, it was their strategy.”

    -Dan Starck, CEO at Apria Healthcare

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